A goal that crosses borders and defies religious and cultural differences. 

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 180 countries across the world for a cleaner planet.

LET’S DO IT! World為聯合國10年多來的合作夥伴

聯合國合作的非營利組織,亦為聯合國環境計畫(SDGs) 的成員之一




This world-changing idea began in the small northern European country of Estonia, in 2008. 50,000 people united to clean up the entire country in just five hours. On that day, a global bottom-up civic movement was born and spread like wildfire around the globe. This captured the imaginations of people worldwide, who were inspired to follow suit with the same ambitious ‘one country, one-day’ formula.

2008年時在愛沙尼亞開始的一場民間主導的群眾運動,當時有五萬人在五個小時內團結一起,僅花了 50 萬歐元清理整個國家。從那以後,在世界各國推廣了這個模式,訂下每年9月的第三個週六為世界環境清潔日 (World Cleanup Day 簡稱WCD)


Let's Do It Taiwan 

In September 2016, Let’s Do It authorized Taiwan to establish a branch - 來此淨國際志工團 (LET’S DO IT! Taiwan). Established in May 2018, the organization has registered with the Ministry of the Interior. LET’S DO IT! Taiwan is on behalf of promoting a series of global citizen environmental protection activities and localization of international environmental affairs.

2016年9月Let’s Do It 授權台灣成立分支機構,2018年5月在台灣成立組織—來此淨國際志工團,立案登記於內政部,代表推動系列國際公民環保動員活動,及國際環境事務在地化行動。


The 2021 post-pandemic era: Let’s Do It! Taiwan!

1. Clean the beach and hold environmental cleanup events 淨灘 舉辦環境清潔活動
2. Observe the key ocean areas of Taiwan 在地海洋觀察 結合台灣重點地區的海洋觀察
3. Provide scientific and technological solutions: use scientific and technological methods and tools to solve marine problems 科技解決方案 運用科技能量,產出海洋問題解決方案
4. Invite enterprises to participate and bring more possibilities of saving environment 示範企業參與,帶來的可能性
5. Promote the civic action with the power of global network 全球串連的力量 公民行動宣傳


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