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UnaBiz envisions a closely connected world powered by simple technology because we believe in “Less is More”.

By uniting people and technology, UnaBiz aims to create an impact on a massive scale, to help every person and every organisation on the planet live smarter, simpler, and in a more sustainable way.

UnaBiz goes Car-Free, Paperless and joins Beach Clean-up!

As car-free zones gain traction around the world, cities have begun to transform city centres into walking areas and bicycle tracks. To promote eco-friendly travelling, UnaBiz regularly organises cycling trips and unicycle classes to let team members experience the joy of riding on a single wheel through the bustling city and a healthy and low-carbon life.


On 15 August 2020, UnaBiz showed up at Wanli Bridge with gloves and shovels to join over 300 participants in a regular cleaning event organised by Re-Think. After 90 minutes of backbreaking exercise, the team collected over 1 ton of trash and 0.5 ton of recyclables, including random litters like pillow, mattress and toilet seats. According to studies, microplastic pollutes the seas and harms marine life. Left unattended, there will be more plastic waste in the ocean than fish by 2050.


Besides beach clean-ups and reducing the usage of one-time-use plastics, UnaBiz has also embarked on a paperless journey in 2019. Since the company adopted an electronic signature platform, printing has reduced significantly. The digitisation of documents has improved internal operation processes, reduced the use of paper, and lowered administrative cost for the  company.


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