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Celebrating Women in ESG: A Recap of the Cross Chamber Women's Day Picnic

To celebrate International Women's Day 2024 we gathered with ANZCham Taiwan to host an exceptional event in honor to the contributions of women to ESG

The Cross Chamber Women's Day Picnic welcomed nearly 40 guests for an afternoon dedicated to relaxation, empowerment, and sustainability. This gathering aimed to acknowledge the strides women have made in supporting healthier societies and building robust communities through their roles in business and charitable endeavors.

Highlighting Women's Impact on ESG


A focal point of the picnic was the emphasis on "Women in ESG," spotlighting the forefront role of women in incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance principles into their professional lives. Special guests Marie Turpin from Decathlon Taiwan's decarbonization initiative and Echo Wang, CEO of PACK Taiwan, shared valuable insights into sustainable practices and the significance of mindful, ethical business strategies.

Echo Wang's participation brought to light the event's dedication to supporting PACK Taiwan, our long-term partner charity focused on rehoming neglected dogs. Her stories and tips underscored the picnic's theme of contributing positively to society and the environment, inspiring attendees to embrace ESG principles in their personal and professional lives.


A Stress-Free and Inspirational Gathering


The event was consciously designed to offer a stress-free environment, recognizing the everyday pressures faced by women.

The picnic offered an array of activities alongside delicious offerings from Merci and Carrefour Taiwan, complemented by nutritious Kulu Kombucha. It was an excellent opportunity for networking, with participants engaging in meaningful conversations with leaders in sustainability and community building.

It provided a space for attendees to immerse themselves in inspiring stories of challenges overcome and milestones achieved by women . An interactive old-items swap activity led by our PR Manager Tammy Chu highlighted the importance of ReCommerce and upcycling, encouraging participants to rethink the value of what we own in a bid to promote more sustainable consumption habits.


Thanks to our Sponsors


The success of the Women's Day Picnic was made possible through the support of Crédit Agricole CIB and Pernod Ricard Taiwan, as well as Kulu Drinks, V-KOOL Taiwan, L'Oréal Taiwan, and Carrefour Taiwan. Their contributions not only enriched the event but also underscored the collective commitment to supporting gender equality.

The Cross Chamber Women's Day Picnic served as a powerful reminder of the critical role women play in leading the charge towards more sustainable, equitable, and community-focused initiatives. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and celebration, honouring the incredible impact of women around us.


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