Taiwan Diversity Exploration Education Association

The association promote diversity, inclusion and education to the difference. We like to explore and delight in the richness of humanity. We hope to help everyone to find their place in the environment and society


With the Joëlette Adventure team project, we want to develop leisure and well-being activities for people in a situation of non-autonomy.


The Joëlette is a trekking wheelchair. It allows you to reach places where you wouldn’t even think of going with any other wheelchair: tracks, trails, off-trail...


Our professional experience has convinced us of its strong educational power. Because it gives  people from different backgrounds the opportunity to take part in excursions and because the disabled person plays a central and active role in each adventure.


Charity project

1- Weekly outing for residents of specialized establishments 每週固定安排專業機構病友的出遊

In France, the Joëlette is often used in specialized establishments for daily outings to help disabled people enjoy and benefit from the natural environment. We are keen to develop agreements with specialized establishments to take out residents on a weekly basis. Each agreement will be valid for six months and will initiate a call for donations in the form of sponsorship.




2- Help the elderly to visit again their former homes 協助年長者舊地重遊

With the Joëlette we want to give back the possibility to old people to return to the nature and to revisit places of their youth.



3 - Social insertion project 社會邊緣人計畫

The act of pushing the joëlette is very rewarding, because it requires going beyond oneself, the effort is rewarded by reaching the top.

Putting yourself in the service of another person allows you to take care of yourself too.

We want to work with social workers to take people with integration difficulties on our hikes.



Taiwan Diversity Exploration Education Association 台灣多元探索教育協會

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