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Taiwan From Above: Preserving Our Homeland’s Beauty Everyone can be Chi Po-Lin

Director Chi Po-Lin (1964-2017) was always fully committed to fulfilling his dream of recording Taiwan from above, without thought of his own safety.

You may know some of his most influential works, such as “Beyond Beauty” and “Island Sonata: Beyond Beauty Taiwan from Above”. However, you may not know that he left behind 100,000 negatives, 500,000 digital photographs, and thousands of hours of video. These photos and videos show stories and legends that stretch to every corner of Taiwan, and they are a very precious record of the changes that have taken place across Taiwan’s landscape and culture.

To pass on Chi Po-Lin’s legacy, “Plead for Taiwan’s land and speak out for Taiwan’s environment”, the Chi Po-Lin Foundation was established in June, 2018. In addition, The Chi Po-Lin Space has been set up in Tamsui, hoping that the spirit he left, "Taiwan From Above: Preserving Our Homeland’s Beauty" can be carried forward through the four core beliefs of “Sustainability”, “Education”, “Legacy”, and “Mission”.

Under the core digital archives project, the foundation set out to promote deep-rooted Taiwanese environmental education, while also looking for the next Chi Po-Lin. By inheriting his legacy, the world can continue to see the beauty and distress in Taiwan’s landscape, using imagery to create the power to change our environment for the better.

Digital Collection – Taiwan Aerial Photographic Database
Digitize and organize director Chi Po-Lin’s 25 years of aerial photography.

Chi Po-Lin Space – Environmental Education Base Camp

Invite 10,000 school children to visit the "Chi Po-Lin Space" in Tamsui.

Little Chi Po-Lin – Campus Broadcasts of “Beyond Beauty”

Charitable broadcasts of the film “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above” at school and university campuses across the country.

Impart the Mission – Documenting the “Beyond Beauty” Series

Planning the aerial shooting of “Beyond Beauty” series.

The Next Chi Po-Lin – Subsidy program for nurturing the next Chi Po-Lin

Establish an incubation fund to cultivate the next Chi Po-Lin through a mentorship program.

Let's protect Taiwan together!

“Taiwan From Above: Preserving Our Homeland’s Beauty” depends on everyone’s endorsement and support, and the foundation sincerely hopes that more friends can join us and provide sponsorship for our projects. Together we can ensure that the dream that director Chi Po-Lin pursued through his whole life continues to spread its wings and fly high.

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