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Created in 1991, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Taiwan (CCIFT) is a non-profit organization with the primary mission to represent and promote the development of French companies operating in Taiwan.

CCIFT puts its 25 years of experience in serving SMEs, to make sure they benefit from its large network as well as its comprehensive market.

The Board of Directors of CCIFT, composed of 7 representatives either elected or volunteered from different companies, leads CCIFT with an entrepreneurial logic. Additionally, The Chamber of Commerce adapts to the needs and expectations of companies’ chiefs and entrepreneurs, in order to offer them a programmatic and operational expertise.

Our business service (SAE) proposes a range of integrated services, aimed at facilitating access to the Taiwanese market and the development of French companies. Thanks to the SME-like daily management structure, CCIFT shares a common DNA with the SME/Medium-size companies, and understands perfectly their needs, expectations, and constraints. 

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Imported Food Management

Guide of Imported Food Management and Border Control in Taiwan

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Imported Food Safety and Sanitation Management in Taiwan

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Affaires ou ne pas faire!

Affaires ou ne pas faire!

A Business guide in Taiwan

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Taiwan is pleased to share news of its cooperation with the business publication LE MOCI.

LE MOCI is an international business magazine published in French. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest French journals specialized in this field. 250 years after its inception and first publication, LE MOCI, published by Sedec, continues to be the benchmark for economic information on world trade and the companies involved.

In each issue, a complete dossier is devoted to one country, sector or theme of international trade as well as topical news  and practical sections (finance, taxation , customs , regulations, etc..)

They are currently working on a 20-30 page issue on business in Taiwan and are keen to meet you.

This issue will include:

  • A presentation of the Taiwanese international market
  • A few interviews with executives of key businesses in Taiwan
  • A presentation of key sectors in Taiwan
  • A list of useful contacts
  • A few full-page ads 



As an example, please click here to read the issue released on Taiwan in 2015.

A representative of Le Moci will also meet you about potential advertising opportunities in the magazine, in order to create more visibility for your organization.

Please send us your confirmation at DGA_development@ccift.org.tw to organize a meeting.



France Taiwan Business Directory

The Directory is published yearly in English, it show information about the member of the Chamber and present the daily life in Taiwan. Useful information is available to help you to discover the country. Other information is given by the CCIFT Newsletter.

The directory is available on demand (NTD 1200)

Taiwan Fact Sheet


Taiwan, one of the most developed countries in Asia, is fond of quality products. A boon for French com- panies, especially SMES, which can also dream of the Chinese market by building trusted relationships over time with their partners in the Island.

It had served for centuries as a fulcrum in maritime transport and trade . While in the past , tea and sugar from Taiwan used to be sold worldwide , Taiwan is now the world's third largest producer of information technology hardware , after the United States and Japan. Taiwan ranks the first in the production of note- book computers, monitors, motherboards, and scanners , supplying over one half of the world's market of these items.

Beyond its consumer market strongly anchored in the Japanese sphere, Taiwan is also facing Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, all six members of the Association nations of South east Asia (ASEAN) and to China, which absorbs 40% of its exports. This makes Taiwan the biggest investor in China 


  •  An area of 36,000 km2

  •  A strategic and cultural position to China

  •  A population of 23.1 million inhabitants.

  •  22nd global economy and 6th Asia

  •  5th global reserve currency (431 billion)

  •  GDP per capita $ 22.317 (France: $ 37.738)

  •  GDP (purchasing power parity): $ 47.407 per head ($ 41.221 France)

  •  Growth: 0.75%; inflation: -0.31%

  •  Trade balance surplus of 48 billion USD

  •  Less than 4% unemployment

Practical guide to Taiwanese market

Born from the experience European companies and representative offices have gained in the Taiwanese market, this guide is intended for small and medium enterprises wishing to trade with Taiwan. This document have been whiten in collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France - Taiwan and the French Institute of Taipei.

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