SME Award 2014


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Presentation of the SME Award

Our main objective is to achieve a sort of “entrepreneurs’ network”, to enhance communication and ideas, and to help each other growing.

Our Business Support Committee has selected 10 projects to be trained and help then develop their business plan. The projects are :

ASIUP Company Ltd. (Valentin FLOQUET)


Bertin Technologies (Vanessa NGUYEN)

F & B Consulting (Fanny BOUYSSOU)

Ishen (Carine BARBOT)

JTALE (Jean-Christophe OLIVIER)

Placid Taipei (Joao JARDIM)

Strategic Technology Consultants (Anne-Chloé KORT)
TREUD (Romain CLAVARET & Alexander PELAYO)


Coaching Sessions

First Session : April 11th, 2013

"How to present your project in 2 minutes" by Jean-Loup Fayolle from Wholistic Communication.
The aim was to teach participants how to present themselves and their project briefly and how to build their business network by efficient communication skills.
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Second Session : April 22nd, 2013
"How to build a Business Plan" by Richard Brown from VIA Technologies.
The aim was to teach participants how to develop a suitable marketing strategy and how to build a reliable financial strategy through the presentation of a Business Plan.
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Third Session : May 15th, 2013
"Legal environment for businesses in Taiwan" by Pascal Thien-Ah-Koon from TAK Associes.
The aim was to teach participants the legal aspects of the different business structures in Taiwan through topics such as the different rules concerning working and residing in Taiwan, taxation in Taiwan, how to distribute in Taiwan, logistics and intellectual property.
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Fourth Session
 : June 4th, 2013
"Round table Advancement Project" by CCIFT team
The aim of this round table was to gather feedback from participants and listen to their needs for the upcoming sessions.

Fifth Session : July 27th, 2013
"Market Research: how to target market segment?" by Market Tzou from Ubifrance

Sixth Session : September 5th, 2013
"The Internet usage of trends in Taiwan advertising strategies" by Wallace Lai from Yahoo!
The aim was to have a mobile commerce market overview and understand how consumers behaviour has changed, in order to use internet efficiently in their business strategies.
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Seventh Session : October 17th, 2013
"CRM: Attract and retain your clients" by Linda Lan from HappyGo
The aim was to have an example of a successful loyalty program, understand how to make marketing campaigns and retain their clients.
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Eighth Session : October 25th, 2013
"Effective negotiation in a Taiwanese environment" by Tudor Pascu 
The aim was to understand the impact of Taiwanese culture on the negotiation process. Strategies and tips were revealed to achieve successful negotiations in both purchase and sales.
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Press Release

CCIFT 4th Edition SME Award Ceremony 

The France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFT) has held its fourth edition of the Small and Medium Enterprises Award Ceremony at the Conference Room of Taipei Medical University. 

The aim of the CCIFT SME Coaching Session is to encourage small and medium enterprises to develop entrepreneurial projects and, through the CCIFT network, get in touch with the international business community. By joining the activity, it was a great opportunity for these three challengers to expose their talents to the public and to give a good start to their business.

The General Manager of the CCIFT, Adriana Archambault, said she was “really pleased to see the benefits this cooperation between corporate and all these entrepreneurs has brought.” She added “it is clearly a win-win situation, as entrepreneurs have a chance to improve their business and expose their talents to the public, while at the same time the connections and bonds between Taiwanese and foreign companies are strengthened”. 

Indeed, this event was an opportunity for three CCIFT members to present their SME and business projects to a jury and ninety other guests that took part in this special evening. Innovation and networking were the keywords of the night since this event brought together top-ranking executives and talented entrepreneurs from the French and Taiwanese business communities.

The three finalists of the 4th edition of the CCIFT SME Award were AWA FAUCET, JTale and TACTICAL ATTITUDE. Each presented its enterprise and business project on stage for ten minutes, and then answered questions from the jury for five minutes.

AWA Faucet Ltd, The Faucet Crafter, is specialized in designing and specifying quality faucets for brands and importers. It provides high-end services, giving priority to excellence and personalized services.

JTale is a travel agency between France and Taiwan, specialized in wine producing regions of France. It offers a unique experience of French wine culture, from visiting legendary villages to tasting Grand Crus.

TACTICAL ATTITUDE is an online sales platform for premium quality technological equipment. It offers only high-quality products, and has built its reputation on reliability and customer satisfaction.  

After deliberation, the jury, composed of entrepreneurs, investors, important multinationals and economy actors, decided to award AWA Faucet Ltd, the Faucet Crafter. With a full integration of the recourses both in Taiwan and France, from craft design and customized services to manufacturing and distribution, Mr. Christian LAUDET, the owner of AWA Faucet, managed to set up a comprehensive and sustainable project after years of dedication and hard work. In a live videoconference from France, Mr. Laudet gave a solid presentation to the audience, focusing on realistic objectives and a certain experience in logistics.

The winner- AWA Faucet won three different prizes:

- A six month free phone answering service or NT$30,000 worth of B2B telemarketing services thanks to Enspyre Inc.

- An annual audit, a business income tax filling service and five hours of consulting services through JYH HER CPAS FIRM. 

- And finally, one free year of membership at CCIFT, giving them access to a wide-range of services such as promotion support and a package of business services. 

A successful CCIFT event 

This event was a real success since more than 100 guests took part in the ceremony. From International companies: Carrefour, Credit Agricole, Thales and etc., SMEs: Netixy, Prodeal, Intralink etc., Institutions: French Bureau of Taipei, ITRI etc., or Taiwanese and Western businessmen and women willing to meet CCIFT’s large network.  

The 4th SME Awards Ceremony was a great opportunity to highlight talented CCIFT members as well as all the interesting projects they carry out. 


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